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Virtual Reality, Real Safety

It’s the year 2020, and technology is increasing in strength and ability in ways we couldn’t have predicted.

At the same time, safety standards and procedures are increasing in comprehensiveness and applicability.

What if we put these two things together?

Skanksa, the fifth larget construction company in the world has teamed up with a number of companies to do just that.

They’re using virtual reality programs to train their employees in real life situations where safety is at risk.

“We wanted to provide our workers with a new kind of training that could fundamentally change their behavior. Filling out multiple-choice webforms or listening to presentations is a good start but doesn’t reach their emotions – where real behavioral change is possible. VR can do that because you can put participants ‘at risk’ in a simulated environment without endangering their lives. The decision for just VR was the possibility of linking behavioral science with VR technology to achieve lasting behavioral change,” says Skanska’s Tania Sjöberg, Project Leader, Step into Safety & Leadership Developer.

So far the project has produced very positive results including:

  • Increased worker awareness of job hazards
  • Fewer accidents by creating safer worksites
  • Boost in worker productivity

Check out the project for yourself by watching the video below, or clicking on this link :

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Do you think this sort of safety training should be more widely implemented? Do you think it would be beneficial on your worksite?

You can always let us know your thoughts and opinions by emailing us at [email protected], or by messaging us on our social media platforms.

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