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The Best Cure for Burns on the Job

Do you know what the best cure is for burns on the worksite?

It’s prevention.

The Fabric that you choose to wear is the single most important factor in protection from burns.

It’s critical that you not only wear the Fire Resistant fabric that’s best suited for your job, but that you wear and layer it properly.

At Direct Workwear, we ensure that all of our staff are trained and educated to assist you in all of your PPE needs. They’ll be able to find you the right garment for the job, and give you all the information you need on keeping your PPE at its best and most protective.

Make sure to check out the article “Burn Injuries By the Numbers” from Westex. It goes into detail about the impact that burn injuries can have on a person financially, and how often it can happen.

We hope to see those numbers go down in the future.

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