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The Truth About Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray. Talk about a hidden gem.

I grew up in Toronto and have lived many places in Canada, wherever my career options took me.

Fort McMurray was always a place on the map that was just a little too far away, but was widely known and talked about by everyone. We’ve all heard the rumors: it’s too cold, too dangerous, and too expensive. It’s a place populated with transients.

Having now lived here for a couple of months, I’ve learned the truth. It’s a safe, family friendly city, filled with opportunities. Fort McMurray is an untapped resource of a great work force.

Too far away? Closer than Mexico or Asia.

Too Expensive? It’s really not much more expensive than living in Edmonton.

Yes, the oil patch is the engine of Alberta, but Fort McMurray is the vehicle, allowing us to drive to the destination.

Carpet Baggers have come and gone, trying to cash out big, taking advantage of a growing community, but they are not the foundation that this city is built on.

Canada has many great towns and small cites, and Fort McMurray is one of them. Unfortunately, it’s often referred to with negativity and talked about in condescending tones.

Maybe, in the long run, that’s not such a bad thing. It leaves more room for those of us who know the truth. Those of us who can spot potential, and are willing to experience things before refusing to change our mind. These are the kind of people who do make up the foundation here. It’s those kind of people that make the city of Fort McMurray the treasure that it is.

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