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reversible high visibility slim fit vest with high visibility striping

Helmets and Hi Viz

The sun is out, the ice is melting and the birds are chirping. We don’t want to curse it, but we think it might finally be Spring!! This is a great time to start new goals and try new things. Maybe for you, that involves biking, running or other outdoor activities.

Everybody knows that if you’re on a bike you wear a helmet, but what else should you remember for your safety? What about being visible? We know that bike lanes, paved pathways and staying alert are a good way to stay safe, but we also know that being seen from far away is huge in making other people aware of you. It doesn’t matter if it’s at night, or in the middle of a sunny day, if you don’t have hi viz on, you might not be seen.

Direct Workwear has a ton of hi viz solutions to keep you visible on the roadways. We have arm and ankle bands, hi viz striping options, vests and more.

Check out this reversible visibility vest on sale for only $35! The slim fit ensures that you won’t be weighted down or wind swept while your out running our biking.

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