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Happy earth day from direct workwear ltd

Happy Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! Today is an awesome time to reflect on things that you love about our planet.

Maybe it’s the rocky mountains that we’re blessed to have in Alberta and BC. Maybe it’s the clean air and the wide open fields of the prairies, or the Great Lakes. Maybe it’s the beautiful beaches on the East Coast, or how the maple trees look during the Fall in Ontario. Maybe it’s the desserts, or the forests, or the jungles in places outside of our amazing country.

Regardless of what or where, we need to remember that if we don’t start taking care of the earth, we won’t have these wonderful things for much longer. We all know a place that used to be clean and beautiful, but is now littered with garbage, or completely replaced by infrastructure. Let’s play our part in keeping the things we love about our planet alive!

At Direct Workwear, we do everything we can to reduce, reuse and recycle! We reuse almost all of our cardboard boxes we get from inventory as shipping boxes for online orders. Fabric scraps from embroidery and tailoring are recycled as name bars or used as patches for fixing up holes. We purchased most of our office furniture from an auction to save it from going to a landfill. We stock high quality workwear, made from better, stronger and more durable materials, so that it will last longer and won’t have to be thrown away as often. We even encourage our customers to recycle their FR workwear (you can check out our post about FR recycling by scrolling through our previous DWW articles).

Make Earth Day everyday, and do what you can to reduce the harm on our planet!

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