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Are You Self Centered Enough?

We all have our own reasons for why we do things a certain way. We also have our reasons for choosing what we do or don’t do.  While our reasons for what we do at home aren’t usually scrutinized, our reasons for what we do on the job site can be.

Working safely benefits everyone, both on and off the job. And while this is true, a lot of times we are thinking of respect and consideration for our co-workers.

But is it okay to be a little self-centered about working safely?

Here are Three Self-centered Reasons to Work Safe:

  1. Health.  This should be the biggest reason to want to work safely. We all want to live for as long as we can, and we can’t do that if we aren’t healthy. Being healthy isn’t just limited to what we eat, but it’s also important to really think about how a severe injury can impact our general health.
  2. Providing for our families. Our families, especially our children, depend on our ability to work and earn money to pay for food and essentials. If we get injured and are unable to work, even for a short time, can negatively impact everyone in the family. The financial and emotional strain could be detrimental not only to the stability of our family, but on marriages and partnerships as well.
  3. Our reputations. Our reputation at work is very important and is always taken into consideration when it comes to promotions and advancement within a company. If you are a risk-taker or have been known to ‘bend’ the safety rules, it could affect a future promotion, or even your current position.

The answer is YES. It is okay to be a bit self-centered when it comes to working safely.

Unsafe, potentially dangerous or risky working habits affect you and your family the most.

So the next time you consider taking a shortcut, or skipping an important item on the checklist, stop….and think about what you could potentially lose on a personal level, as well as the negative effects for everyone else around you.

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