EN388 Cut Resistance Breakdown

Those numbers and letters stamped onto your work gloves are very important. They indicate the different levels of protection the gloves provide.

Here’s a chart that will hopefully help translate what those markings actually mean:

A Light material handling, and small parts assembly without sharp edges
B Packaging, warehouse, light duty general purpose
C Light duty metal handling, metal stamping, HVAC, light duty glass handling, plastics, material handling
D Light duty metal handling, appliance manufacturing, bottle and light glass handling, canning, drywalling, electrical, carpet insulation, HVAC
E Metal stamping, sheet metal handling, glass handling, automotive assembly
F Heavy duty metal stamping, metal recycling, food processing, pulp and paper

**This is to be used as a general guideline and is for informational purposes only. **

By being able to understand what those markings mean, will hopefully help you to determine the level of protection your gloves provide.

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