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Dovetail Kent X Chore Coat in Black


This tough, warm coat eats chores for breakfast

It’s cold. There’s work to be done. Grab the Kent X Chore Coat, button up, and take it on like you always do — but in comfort. Named for the Kent Ranch where our co-founder Sara Kent DeLuca grew up, this coat is inspired by her childhood winters, when a short midnight walk to the barn to check on the lambs felt like a mile. We turned to the women of DX Ranch in North Dakota to give us the inside scoop on how to really stick it to winter with this upgraded chore coat. It’s toasty but never roasty. It’s built for work with a fit that lets you reach, stretch and move. And there are plenty of perfectly-placed pockets to keep tools, odds, ends, and what-have-yous zipped, tucked, and stashed safely away. So get to it. Your chore list just got a whole lot warmer.


Kent X Chore Coat: Designed for Women, Built for Cold Weather

  • Heavyweight warmth. So Toasty.
  • Water-resistant. Shake it off.
  • Stain-resistant. Get dirty, wash clean.
  • Hoodie drawcord. No snags.
  • Locker loop. Hook up.
  • Reinforced elbows. Stay sharp.
  • Adjustable cuffs. Tighten up.
  • Zip pockets. Don’t lose your shit.
  • Snap pockets. Keep it close.
  • Rubber coated snaps. No scratch.
  • Split Tail. Move free.

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